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Techno-Matic A/S

Granlidevej 22, Hornum
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Techno-Matic A/S is a Danish electronics company specialised in embedded solutions. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop solutions regarding control, surveillance and inspection of machines that are either operated by hydraulic or by electric motors. We have our own development department with a set of broad competencies in the areas of hardware and software development as well as our own assembly department.

As a customer at Techno-Matic, you choose whether you want your solution delivered on print or if you prefer a more complete solution in a box with or without cord set. To make sure every customer leave with the proper solution, we will either create your solution on the basis of some of our standard modules or develop one or more modules for your specific solution.

We have developed customised solutions for everything from test machines and mining equipment to farm machinery, and from biomass boilers in all sizes to self-driven lifts and all hydraulic operated machines. Some of our solutions are made in only one copy, and others we produce several thousand a year. The focus area in the development of our solutions is to develop solutions that match your machines and that meets your needs and wishes.

We are actively involved in everything from the idea generation to the final test of your new machines. Our involvement is not limited to software and hardware development, we also make proactive dialogues in relation to the machine's equipment (wires, plugs, etc.)

In the process of development and typically within solutions of small product series, we use our standard embedded hardware solutions. On the contrary, with larger product series, we develop specific customized hardware solutions. In relation to hardware, it will be possible to perform current measurements, so the steering of hydraulic valves will be even more precise independent of temperatures. Our new series of hardware supports your need for communication, data transmissions and updates of software via the internet.

We have experience with different micro controllers from 8 to 64 bit and with many different programming languages. We develop regular embedded solutions, but also solutions where an embedded solution is connected to a Windows or Linux unit.

In our latest customer projects, we have been focusing on the possibilities within Big-Data and Internet of Things (IoT). IoT describes the communication between electronic devices with the purpose of creating more available data. Both focus areas create new possibilities for improvements within the fields of service solutions both in regard to the day to day operations but also in the case of the general service.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you need a competent partner to help you with surveillance, control or inspection of your hydraulic or electric operated machines.

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Année de création 1989
Nature de l'établissement Siège
TVA DK13677506
Fax +45 98 66 18 22
Site web http://techno-matic.dk


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Zone : Europe Occidentale, Europe Centrale / Europe de l'Est
Pays : Suisse, France, Finlande, Autriche, Pologne, Allemagne, Slovénie, Espagne, Suède, Norvège, République tchèque, Pays-Bas, Belgique


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    DS/EN 13849-1 Safety of machinery

  • Type

    EMC-test (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

  • Type

    EN 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances

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    EN280 Mobile elevating work platforms

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    ISO 7637 Automotive Equipment

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    ISO 13766 Earth-moving machinery

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Informations dirigeants

Knud Moesgaard Sørensen

Directeur / Responsable (Direktion)

Hanne Jonassen

Président du Conseil (Bestyrelsesformand)

Knud Moesgaard Sørensen

Membre du Conseil (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Jens Christian Winther

Membre du Conseil (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Per Thy Sørensen

Membre du Conseil (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Knud M. Sørensen

Dir/Resp Adm. et Financier (Økonomi)

Tina Andersen

Dir/Resp des Achats (Indkøb)

Marian Drejer

Dir/Resp des Ventes (Salg)

Jørgen Brixen

Dir/Resp Production (Produktion)